Google Lens now on the Google homepage

Google Lens gains new stripes, and not the least. The image analysis tool is simply found on the home page of the search engine!

This is the consecration for Google Lens, which we will now be able to find directly on the home page of the search engine. Google very rarely makes changes to this page, so this novelty is truly exceptional. The image analysis module is available as an integrated icon in the search field. Impossible to miss it!

A function that has earned its stripes

It was Rajan Patel, vice president of engineering at Google (and therefore of Lens), who announced the news. He explains that it is now possible to “ ask visual questions easily from your computer “. In fact, just click on the icon to be offered to drag an image or download it.

Google then lists a series of images that match the one you downloaded. Several tools are also available to the user: he has the possibility of seeing the source of the image (practical to know if it is a montage), but also of extracting the text present on the cliché and to obtain a translation.

The panel recalls the one that was present in the “Images” tab in a search. The results obtained, on the other hand, have been optimized by Lens, which has really taken off since its creation in 2017. The option, originally confined to smartphones only, has since been deployed in Google Assistant and Google Photos. It is also offered as a mobile application.

Last month, Google announced another new feature based on Lens, allowing you to combine an image with a word in order to find relevant search results. Google Lens is also put to use by translating the text on a poster or magazine, then by integrating the translated text in a perfectly realistic way into the image.

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