Google Makes Cloud Database Migration Easier and Improves Datastream

Google rolled out a series of updates to its cloud database portfolio on Thursday that aim to strengthen security and ease database migration efforts.

Among the key updates is a preview of fine-tuned access control for the Google Cloud Key relational database service that will provide security controls for table and column level access in the database.

Google has also added a series of preview features to its Stream Change Data Capture (CPC) including support for its BigQuery Analytical Databaseas well as the open source PostgreSQL relational database.

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Google’s updates are complemented by new support, also in preview, for the cloud provider’s Database Migration Service (DMS), including the ability to more easily switch from Oracle database and De PostgreSQL to that of Google. recently introduced AlloyDB database.

Google’s moves with Datastream DMS are aimed at allowing different pieces of the data stack to work together more easily, said Gartner analyst Merv Adrian.

“When you introduce a new database like AlloyDB, you need to make sure your other stuff works with it,” Adrian said. They deploy things as quickly as they can and connect other pieces of infrastructure when the job is done.

Datastream connects more cloud databases

Datastream is focused on CDC capabilities for near real-time replication of data that has moved from a source location to a target destination, said Andi GutmansVICE PRESIDENT and GENERAL MANAGER of databases at Google.

Currently, Datastream is focused on replicating data from operational databases to BigQuery for analytics, but the service also enables a variety of other applications, such as low-downtime migrations as well as capabilities event streaming, Gutmans noted.

Datastream handles all CDC operations, from source connectivity – capturing source changes and data type transformation – to data consolidation.

Prior to the new preview service, Datastream supported BigQuery as a destination through integration with the Google data feed servicebut not as a native integration, Gutmans noted.

Previously, Datastream would write the data from the change stream to cloud storage, then Dataflow would retrieve and process the data and load it into BigQuery. The new Preview Services for Datastream also introduces support for PostgreSQL as a source, which Datastream did not support until now.

DMS seeks to facilitate migration to AlloyDB

Google launched the AlloyDB cloud database in May, saying early on that the tech giant designed it to be compatible with the open-source PostgreSQL database.

AlloyDB is compatible with PostgreSQL, and Google has so far supported self-managed migrations through the pglogical extension, Gutmans said. Google’s goal with DMS is to simplify the user experience as much as possible, he said.

“Our investment has gone into building a solid end-to-end user experience, while leveraging native PostgreSQL replication for the underlying migration,” Gutmans said. “The migration path and steps are identical to the flow customers go through when performing a PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL migration, other than creating an AlloyDB cluster rather than a PostgreSQL instance. »

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