Google Makes File Sharing Easier in Chat Messages

Google has allowed Workspace users to send multiple images or videos simultaneously through Google Chat messages.

According to the Google Workspace blog, users can now attach files up to 200MB from their computer, mobile device or Google Drive directly to messages.

Google says supported image files include JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WBMP, and HEIC.

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Previously, users could only send single media files, which meant that the process of sending multiple files took a long time.

For mobile users, all they have to do is tap the “photos” button in Google Chat, then select up to 20 images or videos before hitting send.

Desktop users can upload files directly from their device to Google Chat or upload them to Google Drive before selecting Send in Chat.

The feature is available now for users on iOS devices, and the rollout for Android devices began on September 15, with Google expecting it to be complete by October 3.

The Chat update comes a few weeks before Google upgrades the Hangout platform to Chat on November 1.

All current Google Hangout users are urged to switch to Chat before the deadline, with Hangouts set to automatically redirect to Chat from November.

Google’s blog states:

“Google Hangouts is upgrading to Google Chat at the end of 2022 for those who haven’t upgraded yet.

“Some people may have already switched to Google Chat and may no longer be able to use Google Hangouts on certain platforms. »

Google recently updated its Workspace offer for Android adding the ability to play various games with others as the company reveals a host of new updates.

In an Android blog post, the company announced that it had made changes to Meet, file sharing, Gboard, and more.

The new features were designed to keep users connected and improve workflows and user experience.

Last month, Google announced that its Workspace offering is available to solo business owners in Europe by expanding the Workspace Individual platform.

Google Workspace Individual includes all features of the Workspace platform, such as Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Slide, etc.

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