Google makes it easier to delete personal data

Preserving private information such as contact details can be done in a few clicks from the search engine

The Mountain View company had announced before its Google I/O high mass that it wanted to help Internet users delete their personal information from its search engine.

A first initiative, but which remained laborious for users, hence the publisher’s desire to simplify the process. Who has never tried, from their PC or smartphone, to search for their name on the internet? The result can be disturbing.

An option integrated into Google

Until then, it was necessary to contact the American company to initiate the procedure and provide all the necessary supporting documents. A new tool has since been developed and allows each person to submit their request in a few clicks.

Asking Google to remove your phone number, address, and email from search results will soon be quick and easy.©Google

More specifically, as reported by 9to5Google, which spotted this new feature, once personal information is found in the search results, it will be possible to click on the three vertically aligned dots to open the “ About this result“. It is enriched with a new feature called ” Delete Result“.

The cases where the following data are concerned are then taken care of: telephone number, home address and email. If the request meets this criterion, it will be processed “relatively quickly”, promises the Web giant.

Deleting all risky results also becomes possible

In addition, Google will soon offer to start a more global request, and not site by site, by going directly through the Google profit avatar located at the top right of the window, then by clicking on the “Results about you” menu. . The system will then redirect the user to a dedicated page explaining the procedure to follow.

A general request will soon be offered by Google.
A general request will soon be offered by Google.©9to5Google

In any case, it will be possible to follow the step-by-step evolution of the request from a page gathering all the requests in progress.

Google recalls that they are all subject to analysis and then validation by its teams. They will therefore have to concern the display of personal contact details or other sensitive information such as an identity card number, whether they are illegal, obsolete, or even published with an express desire to harm the Internet user concerned. .

Finally, the Californian firm insists on the fact that deleting data from its search engine does not make it disappear from the Internet. It is best to contact each site editor to clear the information at source.

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