Google mistakenly sends $250,000 to an engineer

Receive $250,000 overnight in his bank account from Google, without asking. An early Christmas present? Maybe, but if you haven’t done anything to receive this amount or played any lottery, you might as well ask yourself a few questions. This is what this engineer did, tells us CNN. Because yes, Sam Curry did receive this sum in his account at the end of August. The engineer, who works at Yuga Labs, which specializes in cryptocurrency, and whose account is verified, posted a message on Twitter on September 14.

He explains that three weeks ago, Google randomly paid him $249,999, but despite his reminders, he received no return from Google’s assistance. He then asked if anyone would like to talk to him about Google. If not, he would be happy to keep the money. According to Business Insider, Sam Curry did not spend the funds because he was sure that at some point he would be asked for them. Judicious. But to avoid paying taxes on the money, he might have to quickly transfer the sum to another account.


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A “human error”

Paid to hunt bugs by numerous companies, including Google, he explains that he has never worked with them directly. According to information obtained by CNN, the company is working to recover the money. She admitted that a “human error” was behind this transfer of money. “Our team made a payment to the wrong person,” added a Google spokesperson. “We appreciate that the person concerned quickly reported the problem to us, and we are working to resolve it quickly,” is it still written in the email sent to CNN. A similar incident was seen by when a cryptocurrency platform inadvertently transferred more than ten million dollars to a woman instead of… $10. The company had taken seven months to recover the funds. To this day, Sam Curry still seems to have Google’s $250,000. Until when ?


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