Google Photos will be simplified to edit your photos in depth… without Google Photos

Google Photos should soon offer its users to select a third-party application that will be used by default for editing RAW files.

The Google Photos photo editor // Source: Frandroid

More and more smartphones, especially high-end models, allow not only to capture photos in JPG files, but also to save them in RAW format. But to fully exploit this type of file, you still need a dedicated editing application.

While Google Photos already allows you to process RAW files, Google is aware that its photo management application is not the most optimized for doing advanced editing with management of masks and the various parameters that can be modified on a RAW file. . This is why the Google Photos application already allows, when modifying a RAW file, to choose to open it within Google Photos itself or to go through another application such as Snapseed or Markup. . Google Photos also offers to go to the Play Store to download an application dedicated to the development of RAW photos, such as Lightroom or ON1 Photo RAW.

A default RAW development application

Nevertheless, this pop-up window is displayed each time you intend to launch a new editing from Google Photos by pressing the “editand, unlike the management of links, addresses, telephone numbers or SMS, it is not possible to configure a default application. However, this should change very soon as spotted by the Telegram channel Google_NWS.

Illustration of the RAW retouch setting
Illustration of the RAW retouch setting // Source: Telegram channel Google_NWS

There’s going to be a “RAW editing” setting in the app, allowing you to enable editing in a default app. So, when you press the “edit” button, you will immediately open the pre-installed application“, Indicates the Telegram channel. However, it is specified on Google_NWS that this parameter appears in version 6.13 of Google Photos, but that the parameter is not yet accessible to users.

Remember that RAW files are not images, but files containing all the information captured by the photo sensor at the time of shooting. Particularly popular with photographers, this format makes it possible to offer a greater retouching range for brightness, management of shadows, colors, contrast, with a dynamic range much greater than that of a JPG file. To find out more, you can look at our dedicated file to understand everything in RAW format.

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