Google Pixel: car crash detection can save your life!

Largely unnoticed before Apple offered the same thing on its recent iPhones, the feature car accident detection However, it has been available since 2019 on the Pixel 4 generation. It has of course been extended to the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 6.

Your device will use its various sensors (movement, sound, position, etc.) to ensure that it calls for help automatically in the event of a car accident. A feature that can save your life…

Note that this option could soon be exported to other devices in the next Android updates…

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Activate the Car Accident Detection function

1/ The Security and Emergencies menu

Go into Settings>Security and Emergencies then car accident detection. Validate with your Google account. You will then be asked to enter contacts to be reached in the event of an accident. The device will not call them, but the number of these people will be displayed on the screen in the event of an accident, without having to unlock the device. This is to allow emergency services to call a loved one if you are unable to speak.

2/ Your personal information

Next, Android will ask you if you want to add other information: blood type, known allergy, medical treatment, address, etc. This data will also be displayed on the screen without having to unlock your smartphone. The Pixel will then explain how crash detection works. It is possible toTry in demo mode.

3/ Simulation

The device will then simulate what would happen in a real situation with a voice explaining that an accident has been detected. You then have 60 seconds to say “emergency” or “cancel”. After this time, the device will do the 17 automatically anyway.

4/ Your location

To implement this feature, Android will prompt you to give permission Position at the app Personal Security. Finally, activate the function car accident detection.

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