Google Pixels support spatial audio and head tracking

Google is offering the latest Pixel users a new spatial audio feature that is compatible with all headphones and headsets, including wired ones! Even better, it will be possible with certain models to take advantage of audio with head movement tracking.

The January update for Pixels brought its share of new features, and Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 7 and 7 Pro users are in for a treat. A new option has actually appeared in the “Sound and vibration” settings on smartphones, it allows you to activate spatial sound. In all applications that provide files in 5.1 surroundlistening will give the impression that the sound is coming from all sides, front and back, left and right.

Google joins Apple and Samsung

It’s especially impressive when you’re watching a movie or video that offers 5.1. Google explains that this spatial audio feature is compatible with all headphones and headsets connected to the smartphone, both wireless and wired models. No need for an expensive home theater system to fully enjoy your favorite content!

The software innovations do not stop there. Pixel Buds Pro owners will soon get an additional head-tracking option via a firmware update expected to arrive in the coming weeks. The principle is simple: this function places the virtual speakers in the room, by moving the head they remain “in place”. An effect that imposes and will be compatible with all Dolby Audio or 5.1 content, according to Google.

However, the search engine is not the first to offer these features. Apple and Samsung have taken the lead in this area, whether it’s spatial sound or head tracking.

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