Google puts an end to Duplex on the Web!

It’s now official, Duplex on the Web will no longer be supported as of December. This was announced by Google’s support page recently. She also wrote that “any automation features enabled by Duplex on the web will no longer be supported after this date“.

Duplex on the web is a technology using artificial intelligence that allows Google Assistant to automate certain user tasks to make the process of ordering a product or service on a website as simple as possible. A Google spokesperson told TechCrunch that they will deprecate Duplex on the web. On the other hand, they will put all their efforts into the development of AI in Duplex voice technology, which helps people the most in daily life.

Everything you need to know about Duplex on the web

Duplex on the Web was unveiled by Google in 2019 at its 2019 I/O developer conference. TechCrunch says it is “an offshoot of its Duplex call automation technology“. The experience started with the opening of the website of a chain of cinemas and Duplex on the Web took care of booking a seat, he himself filled in the necessary information.

Subsequently, it expanded its service: helping users automatically change their exposed passwords when there was a data breach, helping with checkout management for e-commerce retailers, and then helping to detect thefts from airline sites that prioritize discounts. Google promised that with Duplex on the web, for example, you would be able to place an order with Google Assistant and it would take care of filling in all the necessary details, from filling in your name to your personal data to payment.

Reasons for Google closing Duplex on the web

At first, Google’s rollout to the Internet was slow. There were also some brands that didn’t want Google to come between them and their customers.

But the reason for the shutdown was determined that Google planned, according to The Information, to reduce investment in the development of Google Assistant for non-Google devices. Their reasoning is that other areas of the business, like hardware, would make more money in the long run.


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