Google still has a plan to prevent Chrome from draining your PC’s memory and battery too much

Two functions are being implemented on Google Chrome: an energy saving and a utility to reduce the weight of the software on the computer’s RAM. Tools that align with multiple efforts already underway.

Google, Sisyphus of modern times. The American company is tirelessly trying to find a solution to reduce the weight that its web browser can have on the performance of the devices on which it is installed. And in this regard, the Mountain View company has yet to find a miracle recipe that would allow it to move on to something else once and for all.

An energy saver and RAM saver on Chrome

The proof with the double announcement made on December 8 on its official blog. Two new options are coming in the coming weeks to Google Chrome. The first, called memory saving, consists in reducing the space that the software occupies in the computer’s RAM. As for the second, Power Saverit is a power saving mode to save battery.

With Memory Saver, the browser reduces the use of RAM by inactive tabs, that is, those you do not use. According to the company’s estimates, in some cases it may be possible to reduce the space occupied by Google Chrome in RAM by up to 40%. This mechanism will be offered on the desktop version of Google Chrome.

Google is implementing new tools to reduce the Chrome browser’s impact on RAM and battery. // Source: Google

As for Energy Saver, it reduces the functionality of Chrome when the remaining battery level drops below 20%. In this case, Chrome will stop certain activities and visual animations. This will concern websites that use videos or effects. This option will not intervene if you are on top-up or above this threshold.

Google’s new plan starts remotely. The group has been working on schemes for years to create a lighter web browser footprint. We talked about it, for example, in 2015, 2017 and 2020. The measures announced in December 2022 are also for some of them an extension of previous work.


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