Google Streamlines Europe’s Rail Travel Search

Google is trying to improve the search for rail routes in Europe, a move that will likely strengthen its own position in the industry.

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For example, when users enter “Trains from Berlin to Vienna” into, the query generates a module that allows users to enter a date and departure time for the day, then compare train options and prices available.

Search results in the new module currently only include direct booking links to rail operators such as Deutsche Bahn for the Vienna line or Eurostar for a Paris-London journey, for example. Google would no doubt like to add booking options for third-party rail booking sites in the module eventually.

Previously, Google did not generate such a consolidated module of train routes and booking links in search results, but pulled separate ads for train operators. SNCF Connect and Rail Europe, for example, as well as unpaid search results for search engines such as Kayak and Momondo, and rail aggregators such as Omio and Trainline, as it continues to do today.

Source: Google

The new feature improves and streamlines the rail search experience on for train routes in and around countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan, and will strengthen Google’s position in as a place to find train reservation options on in the new module rather than the current system of exclusively sending users to third party sites where they would likely have to take extra steps to see their train reservation choices train.

Google today announced this new feature, along with other “new tools for more sustainable travel.”

“This feature will expand to more places as we work with more rail providers,” Google said. “We also plan to start testing similar functionality for bus tickets in the near future to further expand your intercity travel choices. »

New filters to find more sustainable flights and hotels

Google has also added new filters to find more eco-friendly options for flights and hotels.

In Google Flights, users can now select a low-emissions filter to find flights with lower emissions than others, and an eco-certified filter to find a list of more sustainable accommodation options.

Previously, properties self-declared their sustainability credentials, but Google has now added eco-certifications from groups like the US Green Building Council for LEED and the World Sustainable Tourism Council.

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