Google suffered the biggest DDoS attack ever

Google announced that there was a massive attempt to decommission one of its Cloud Armor customers, peaking at 46 million requests per second. This is the largest Level 7 distributed denial of service attack ever reported, and Google’s infrastructure handled the increased traffic.

Google explained thatat its peak, this attack was equivalent to an entire day’s worth of Wikipedia visits in just 10 seconds. Wikipedia’s popularity puts it in the top 10 of all websites, so it’s an incredible feat of stability to withstand such a powerful DDoS attack.

Google Cloud Armor protects applications (Layer 7) and websites against Internet attacks of this type by regularly employing load balancing techniques that allow web services to continue to function even in the face of these challenges. While Cloud Armor claims it can handle over a million requests per second, this time around it managed to handle what would normally be a crushing 46 million load.

The attack began at 6:45 p.m. French time on June 1 and reached its peak in around 10 minutes, 76% faster than the previously announced record. Google indicates that Cloud Armor had already detected the DDoS attack and recommended a rule to the customer to block the attackwhich worked fine.

After a few minutes, the requests started to drop, possibly when the hacker acknowledged that his attempt had failed.

The DDoS attacks are increasing exponentially

Google offers adaptive protection that analyzes normal traffic patterns in order to have a basis for comparison. This allowed for early detection and quick action to block the attack before it caused disruption.

Unfortunately, Google reports that the volume of DDoS attacks is increasing exponentiallypowered by armies of malicious bots, so that record may not stand for long.

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