Google: the existence of a Pixel Fold confirmed thanks to Android 13?

Google has embarked on a real product offensive with the announcement last May of the Pixel 6a, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, but also of a touch pad which will arrive in 2023.

Android 13 source code has spoken

It has also been a few weeks since sources have mentioned the launch of several new features that are not yet official. There is talk of a premium tablet to compete with the iPad Pro, a connected watch and above all a folding smartphone. In this regard, the blogger Kuba Wojciechowski explains having discovered in the source code of Android 13, the code name of a mysterious device which would, in fact, be the Pixel Fold.

The blogger explains on Twitter that there is mention of a certain “F10Device” which can be “folded and unfolded” and has “outside and inside” cameras. This description is terribly reminiscent of that of a folding smartphone, so we can deduce that the development of the phone is progressing and that it has even entered its final phase.

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