Google: the Pixel Watch appears on the wrist of Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, appeared in public with the new Pixel Watch on his wrist. We suspect that this is no coincidence, since a conference is scheduled for October 6 to present new products.

The Pixel Watch on the go

Asked about the company’s strategy, Pichai mentioned the acquisition of Fitbit in 2021 which would have brought essential skills to develop a powerful connected watch: “At any time, you can look at a project and tell yourself that it’s better to do it differently or that someone else is doing it better. If, as a company, you think you’re not doing something well, you shouldn’t be involved in this project for the sake of doing it, right?

The very first official image of the connected watch from Google was unveiled last May during the Google I/O conference. It is now visible on the Google Store with certain technical details such as the rounded dial, the Wear OS interface or even the advanced integration of Fitbit for health and sport.

Discover the Pixel Watch in video:


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