Google Voice can now detect potential spam phone calls

Google Voice makes it much easier to filter out unwanted calls by displaying a large warning message when they do.

Google Voice makes filtering unwanted calls much easier. Indeed, the tech giant has just announced that its service will now mark potential spam calls on the screen as such with a big red exclamation point, so it’s clearly visible.

Google Voice makes filtering unwanted calls much easier

Spam calls and other SMS messages have been a real nuisance for several years, and unfortunately they should not disappear anytime soon. According to the FCC, US users receive approximately 4 billion such calls per month, costing Americans nearly $30 billion in 2021. Google explains that the feature was thoughtfully designed to protect you from “unsolicited calls and other potentially dangerous scams.”

detection of spam in incoming calls by Google VoiceGoogle

displays a large warning message if any

This new mention that says “suspected spam call” will not only appear on the incoming call screen, but also in the call history for future reference. If you confirm that the call was indeed spam, all future calls from this number will go straight to your voicemail and all of its call history entries will be moved to the spam folder. However, if you confirm that the number is legitimate and therefore not spam, the warning will never appear again for this number.

Google uses the same artificial intelligence that identifies spam throughout its ecosystem. Apparently, this AI has already filtered billions of unwanted calls per month for the Mountain View company. Please note that this warning only appears if the spam filtering option in Security is disabled. Otherwise, all calls that Google suspects are spam are sent directly to voicemail.

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