Google widget adds shortcut to Chrome Dino game from lock screen

Google details its widgets for the iOS 16 lock screen. There will even be a direct shortcut to the Chrome Dino game.

Apple released iOS 16 on Monday. Among the most notable new features is the introduction of a completely redesigned lock screen experience. For the first time ever, Apple is allowing users to customize on-screen elements such as the date and time. In addition, it is finally possible to add widgets. There are already plenty from Apple, but in the days and weeks to come, developers including Google, will offer their own. And this list will then be substantial, very substantial.

On the day of the big launch of iOS 16, the Mountain View company took the opportunity to detail what users of Search, Chrome, Drive, Maps, Gmail and News could expect once these applications support widgets. iOS lock screen. There’s really no surprise here. The majority of apps will be entitled to several widgets, allowing access to features with a tap. For example, Chrome widgets will include shortcuts to the browser’s private browsing and voice search functionality. There’s even a dedicated widget for Chrome’s dinosaur game in case you find yourself offline and need to pass the time.

There will even be a direct shortcut to the Chrome Dino game

And perhaps best of all, there won’t be anything to download to enjoy. Indeed, as Google explains in its press release, “Once our widgets are available, tap and hold on the lock screen to start customizing it”. The Google widgets in question should start arriving in the “coming weeks”, according to the American giant. This should further increase your productivity.

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