Greentech, did you say Greentech?

French Tech in the Alps, a collective facilitator and promoter of start-ups, has just hosted the first Green20 Summit in Grenoble. A nationwide initiative to highlight “Greentech” start-ups, “green technology”, but what do we mean by that? Questions for Philippe Rase, one of the founders and members of the executive committee of French Tech in the Alps.

France Bleu Isère – What do we call “Greentech”? What is Greentech?

Philippe Rase – We can say several different things. First, they are technologies that allow you to do more with less, e.g. But it can also be digital technologies, which in their use allow us to be more efficient, to be more benevolent to the ecosystem we live and work in. And thirdly, it can be different ways of doing things, different procedures and processes that will cause the used products or the services used to be consumed longer. And then we will be in the topics of reuse, recycling, redistribution and recycling.

At the same time, technology is always about the use of resources, electricity, sometimes rare metals… Is it very “green”?

I agree with what you say. The best energy is that which is not used. However, we must be more virtuous or “sustainable” (sustainable) in English, and therefore we must ensure that this produced energy is utilized as best as possible and therefore do more with less. And that is what public services, consumers and businesses must do together. It is a collective, global, national and then local effort.

Here in Isère, what are the “Greentech” companies? some examples?

In fact, at this Green20 summit, out of the 22 start-ups gathered by the French Tech in the Alps in Grenoble, five are from Grenoble. I will give examples. Verkor is the production of electric batteries in France for soft mobility. HRS, Hydrogen tanking solutions, is the production of base stations that use hydrogen to enable mobility based on hydrogen energy.

Are there innovations that go even further, things that are emerging that we will hear about in the coming years?

Do I have the right to divulge things that I don’t know myself? I think it is very difficult to predict which startups with two or three people today will be tomorrow’s, with 400 people, 300 people. On the other hand, it is certain that in Grenoble there is a complex and dense ecosystem of all these three “green” directions, and therefore the valley here, the Sillon alpine, is perhaps a valley in France which will allow the emergence of this in an even more important way!

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