GTA RP: for Rockstar, NFTs and crypto, it’s a big no

Game news GTA RP: for Rockstar, NFTs and crypto, it’s a big no

Still just as popular, Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode delights players, especially those who have fun on roleplay servers. If Rockstar has tolerated the creation of such servers so far, the studio refuses that its image be used for commercial purposes, especially around cryptocurrency and NFTs. Explanations.

The key to success

It is difficult to dispute the success of the Grand Theft Auto license, considered today as a true monument of video games. As fans eagerly await Grand Theft Auto VIthe latest opus, GTA 5which now spans three console generations, is still going strong.

It must be said that Rockstar has been able to do it, especially with its online mode. While singleplayer has remained intact over the years, GTA 5’s multiplayer has seen many changes since its launch in 2013. Today GTA is a steamroller while the fifth installment is today the second best-selling game in history.

Inevitably, the app owes such longevity to the work of Rockstar, but also to its community, which always keeps the machine running at full speed, especially with the RP servers. A trend that has become widely democratized over the years thanks to streaming. And if the studio gladly accepts such an initiative, it nevertheless refuses that we make money on its back, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Crypto and NFTs, it’s no

Rockstar wanted to clarify its position regarding the monetization of RP servers. For the studio, it is completely forbidden to use its image around NFTs and cryptos. A recent release from the studio comes to bring these points of clarification. If Rockstar hopes the trend “will continue to thrive safely and amicably,” it will have to be on its terms.

In fact, the studio prohibits the misappropriation of its licenses, other licenses as well as genuine brands. Regarding exploitation for commercial purposes, Rockstar refuses “the sale of loot boxes in exchange for real currency or an in-game equivalent, the sale of virtual currency, the generation of income via sponsors and the use of cyptocurrencies or crypto properties (NFTs)”. Therefore, no problem with roleplay servers, as long as it stays good.

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