Haaland’s virtual card for €600,000, addicted pro players: what is Sorare, this ‘panini for adults’?

This is not at all to collect, the idea is above all to play. Every weekend, the platform user is invited to ‘align’ his cards in virtual competitions. Each player aligned in a competition accumulates points according to his performance… in real life. Whether Karim Benzema scored a hat-trick with Real Madrid, he will certainly be credited with the maximum score. If he stays on the bench, he won’t score a single point. The teams that accumulate the most points are granted rewards that are none other than cards, if possible increasingly rare, and therefore more expensive.

The value of a player’s cards changes according to his performance. Eden Hazard, who waxes the bench at Real, has a limited card for €60 while Benzema’s cheapest card is around €250. The Sorare card market is a very volatile market, which fluctuates according to player performance, but also, during the transfer window, transfer rumours. And this last point raises several questions.

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