Hack FTX: Kraken reveals the identity of the hacker of Sam Bankman-Fried’s company

One hack and I’ll tell you who you are – Spoiler: We won’t tell you the name, we don’t have it. However, we can confirm that according to the statements of the CSO of Kranken, Nick Percoco, the identity of the FTX hacker was discovered.

The identity of the FTX hacker discovered by Kraken

Rumors have been circulating on social networks for a few hours now. Nick Percoco, CSO of Kraken replied on Twitter to Mario Nawfal, Founder and CEO of IBCgroup.io that Kraken knew the identity of the FTX hacker.

Nick Percoco confirms Mario Nawfal’s tweet – Source: Twitter

The case is ongoing and we do not know, for the moment, if the information provided is true. The investigations of the Twitter sphere would however have made it possible to understand that the culprit would be a beginner. If only through the use of a Kraken account, which uses the KYC, Know Your Customer in English, identity authentication method.

the FTX nightmare never stops spilling ink. Indeed, while it would seem that the instinct toElon Musk alerted him, many users of the FTX platform find themselves deprived of their funds. However, the revelations about this historic affair are only at their beginning. Updates to come as the case evolves.

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