He consults for pain in the testicles, the doctors discover “worms dancing in his scrotum”

Analyzing an ultrasound performed on a 26-year-old young man, doctors discovered “dancing” worms in his scrotum. They released a short video of this phenomenon.

He probably did not expect such an announcement. A young man of 26 years from New Delhi, India, taken by pain in one of his testicles, went to a health center to put an end to this evil as soon as possible. Quickly taken care of, he then had an ultrasound examination.

And there, amazement among the doctors. As the Daily Mail reports, they were shocked to see “linear structures move” in his wallet, movements described as “a dance”. Afterwards, they took some liquid out of it to examine it under a microscope, an analysis which revealed the presence of a horde of living worms, scientifically named Wuchereria bancrofti. The patient actually suffered from lymphatic filariasis and was prescribed a three-week antiparasitic treatment. When he came back, the worms were gone.

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An infection triggered by a mosquito bite

Worm infections are triggered by mosquito bites, which transfer them to the bloodstream. As the World Health Organization reminds us, lymphatic filariasis changes the lymphatic system and can lead to an abnormal increase in the volume of certain parts of the body, giving rise to pain and sometimes even to serious disability.

Globally, 863 million people in 47 countries are at risk of lymphatic filariasis. Parasitic worm infections are relatively common in tropical and subtropical regions, including parts of Africa, Asia, and South America.

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