Health warning: 107 substances are considered dangerous or ineffective, here is the blacklist

Every year, Prescrire lists hundreds of names of molecules that the notification advises against using.

It is sometimes necessary to choose between effectiveness and unwanted effects. But when the effects are more negative than beneficial, it’s better to be informed, it’s about your health.

This is also the purpose of the report published every year by the journal Prescrire, which lists the medicines that it is better to avoid taking.

For 2023, the updated blacklist reveals 107 references.

“Drugs are more dangerous than useful”

“At the end of 2022, among the medicines authorized in France or in the EU analyzed by Prescrire between 2010 and 2022, 107 medicines were more dangerous than useful in all the indications indicated by their MA, of which 88 is marketed in France.”, specify the authors of the list.

In the balance between benefits and risks, here is the (non-exhaustive) list of molecules that it is advisable to avoid.

Drugs added to last year’s list

The review added three molecules to its list “because the adverse effects to which they are exposed are out of proportion to the gain in efficacy they bring”. This is peanut seed powder that contains peanut protein (Palforzia), from roxadustat (Evrenzo) and some tincture of opium (Dropizal).

But also that one nintedanib (Ofev and Vargatef) had been removed from the list of substances to be excluded in 2020 in order to re-evaluate it, but it is again listed among the substances to be excluded.

Otherwise, the substances are classified by category.

For pain and rheumatology

They are better known as Dolirhume, Actifed or other Humex Cold, or Voltarène…

Molecules for pain management and rheumatology to avoid are:aceclofenac and diclofenacthe coxibs: the celecoxib, etoricoxib and parecoxib.

There is also ketoprofen gel, that meloxicamthat piroxicam and tenoxicam. And diacereinthat glucosaminethat mefenesin, le methocarbamol, that thiocolchicosidethat denosumab, that romosozumabthat capsaicin.

It is also worth noting the association colchicine with opium powder and thiemonium and quinine.

Regarding pneumology and ENT problems

Molecules for the treatment of pneumological and ENT problems to be avoided are:ambroxol and bromhexineI’oxomemazinethat pentoxyverinethat pholcodineI’alpha amylasethat tixocortol in mouth spray.

As well as oral or nasal decongestants such asephedrinethat naphazolineI’oxymetazolinethat phenylephrinethat pseudoephedrinethat tuaminoheptane and xylometazolinebut also inhaled mannitol and roflumilast, as well nintedanib, added this year.

Concerning dermatology and allergology

The molecules in dermatological or allergological treatments that must be avoided are: finasteride, that mequitazine, that pimecrolimus dermal, that dermal tacrolimus and injectable promethazine and peanut protein added this year.

In terms of oncology, transplants, hematology

Molecules in cancer treatment, transplants and hematology to avoid are: defibrotide, that mifamurtide, that nintedanib, that panobinostat, that roxadustat, that trabectedin, that water tanib and vinflunine.

Regarding cardiology

Molecules in cardiology care to avoid are:the aliskirenthat bezafibratesthat ciprofibrate and fenofibrate.

There is also dronedaroneIivabradinethat nicorandilI’olmesartanthat ranolazinethat trimetazidinethat vernacular

On the diabetology and nutrition side

For diabetology and nutrition, the molecules to avoid are:alogliptinthat linagliptin, that saxagliptin, that sitagliptin, that vildagliptin.

There is also pioglitazone, orlistat and association bupropion with naltrexone.

Regarding gastroenterology

The molecules to avoid to treat gastroenterological problems are:obeticholic acidthem medicinal claythat diosmectite – like SmectaI’hydrotalcitethat beidellitic montmorillonite aka monmectite and kaolin.

That domperidone such as Motiliumthat droperidol and metopimazine. Also noted is prucalopride, that glyceryl trinitrate and youtincture of opium added this year.

Regarding gynecology and endocrinology

Molecules to be avoided to treat gynecological and endocrinological problems such as tibolone andulipristal.

In infection theory

The customer moxifloxacin is blacklisted.

In neurology

The molecules to avoid to treat neurological problems are: donepezilthat galantaminethat rivastigminethat memantineI’alemtuzumabthat natalizumabthat fenfluraminethat flunarizine andoxeteron.

Also note ginkgo bilobathat naphthidrofurylthat piracetam and toll cap.

Regarding psychiatry and other addictions

The molecules to be avoided to treat psychiatric problems and other addictions are:agomelatinethat citalopram andescitalopramthat duloxetinethat Milnacipran and venlafaxine.

L’esketaminethat tianeptinethat dapoxetine andetifoxine.

For smoking cessation

Regarding smoking cessation treatments, the only reference listed is bupropion.

Regarding urology

The customer oral pentosan polysulfate should be avoided in urological treatments.

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