here are all its health benefits and how to cook it


Eaten raw or canned, the heart of palm deserves some attention. You will hallucinate when you discover the vitamins it contains.

The heart of palm as you’ve never read it!

Dear reader ofObjeko, behind the complicated term to write or pronounce apical meristem, specialists target the center of the bud. Also, in order to fully understand the origin of the heart of palm, this subtlety is essential to master. Once picked, this white vegetable becomes the star of all your summer salads. Admittedly, some still too often confuse it with its cousin the leek. Yet, thanks to its crunch, it largely stands out from the crowd. Accompanied by sauce made at home or from the store, it’s hard to do without it.

Here are the top three nutrients in heart of palm

In the supermarket, despite inflation and the shortage of certain foodstuffs, you find it already cut up. For those who enjoy taking on culinary challenges, you can also ask your market gardener to provide it for you in branches. Once under the microscope, we realize that the heart of palm has lots of nutrients. Let it be said, only three stand out from the crowd.

At first, the potassium heart of palm soothes tension. For the hypersensitive or angry, it’s time to relax. Great for strengthening the enamel of teeth fragile or the tone of your bonedo not hesitate to taste several pieces during the week.

Since the start of the health crisis, scientists have recommended that we take zinc. Sold in the form of tablets in pharmacies, there is an easier solution to get your dose. Why not bet on the heart of palm?

Finally, for nutrition enthusiasts, the vitamin B is widely present in our friend the heart of palm. Take the test, you won’t regret it!

Stove pros love it

Attention, to properly digest the heart of palm, it should be done boil. Preferably, inside one of his pots offered by our friend lidl. For those who have a little time before the meal, we also advise you to use the stove.

Finally, regardless of the cutting method, it is perfect on plates, salad bowls or even plastic storage boxes. The icing on the cake, the heart of palm is available all year. For those who follow the ketogenic diet, it is a key ingredient in this weight loss method. Accompanied by herbs or plain, it is low in calories. In other words, we try it, then we adopt it without wasting a second! So what are you waiting for to take the plunge? You will tell us about it…


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