here is the fruit that is full of it the most in 2022 (perfect for energizing and radiating every morning)

It is THE richest fruit in vitamin C in 2022. It is even the champion of a long list of acerola, guava, orange and other fruity nuggets full of vitamin C. We named the kakadu plum with up to 5300 mg of vitamin C per 100g of fruit, a vitamin C gold mine! 100 times richer in vitamin C than an orange, this small green fruit straight from Australia is juicy and slightly tart. With a strong antioxidant power, it is also an incredible source of minerals, fibers and nutrients. A portion of plum in the morning when you wake up for a vitamin breakfast or in case of cravings in the afternoon largely covers our daily vitamin C needs. We deliver all its slimming and beauty benefits to you and one thing is certain, we will not leave it aside in 2023, no!

To fill up with energy but also to shine in society!

This sweet and slightly tangy fruit promises to be the slimming, fitness and beauty fruit for all girls looking for energy, a radiant complexion and a toned silhouette for the winter!!

Indeed, the kakadu plum is eaten raw, in compote or in juice and we do not hesitate to integrate it galore into our food routine since it is very low in calories, 70 calories per 100g (20 calories more than the apple voted THE slimming fruit). This fruit rises as our best ally to energize our moments of winter slack but also to keep a slender and toned line!

To keep a radiant and radiant complexion, the kakadu plum is the prerogative of all the beauty labels of the moment, which offer enriched serums and oils to smooth, revitalize and bring light to our skin. Moreover, this fruit is confronted with the rays of the sun until its maturity, so it has developed a very effective self-defense system to protect itself from the sun. Thus, kakadu plums produce natural and powerful antioxidants that have the effect of protecting the skin against the signs of aging. To all those in search of a miracle formula for prevent the first signs of agingthe kakadu plum is your miracle fruit!!

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