here is the trick to lose weight and be healthier

No need to look for our slimming recipes or other drastic diets to lose weight. Moreover, it is too often forgotten but who says diet says deficiency and therefore a much more fragile state of health. Say goodbye to the has-been air hostess or 100% chocolate diets in winter because our bodies need vitamins, nutrients, minerals, fiber and good fats to face this season with its ultra capricious weather. And sometimes it just takes a little something or a daily trick to say goodbye to a few extra pounds and keep your health on the job. Recommended by many experts and nutritionists, the following trick would combine weight loss and good health.

The method of the glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach!

Starting the day with a glass of water at room temperature would in particular rehydrate the still dormant organs, such as the brain. A good way to wake them up, but also to make them more efficient during the day.

The glass of water method would also be particularly effective in eliminating toxins that have accumulated in the body during the night, due to the lying static position. Impurities that accumulate most often in the kidneys, intestines but also in the liver. To eliminate them instantly and quickly, nothing like a glass of warm water to get rid of them.

This little technique, as simple as it is, would also be a great way to promote weight loss. This famous glass of water to drink on an empty stomach would allow better absorption of nutrients during the day, in addition to having an appetite suppressant effect on the body. This will wake up your metabolism and help shed those pounds that are bothering you.

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