Here’s the $500+ million technology that was set to revolutionize MMORPGs

News JVTech Here’s the $500+ million technology that was set to revolutionize MMORPGs

An entrepreneur raised more than $500 million to develop cutting-edge gaming technology in 2017. Despite all that investment, the project today is nowhere near what it should have been.

Lots of promises for little results

What better way to start the year than by talking about an incredible failure. It’s the story of Herman Narula, a software entrepreneur who was able to raise $502 million with one promise: to develop technology that would revolutionize MMOs and MMORPGs. He called SpatialOS.

The promises were incredible, and often when it’s too good, it’s not possible. With the approximate budget of a Red Dead Redemption 2 or Destiny, we can expect to be surprised. But despite 6 years of development, we are still very far from the promises.

But to understand, we have to go back to the beginning. Herman Narula created the company “Improbable” in 2012. The ambitious goal was to be able to create large, ultra-realistic open worlds with small teams of developers. This is where the SpatialOS technology comes in. It should offer a tool that integrates with the game engine to generate large rooms. The development costs of a game were thus greatly reduced and allowed resources to be dedicated to more promising sectors, such as the scenario.

Funding over $500 million

In 2017, he launched a fundraising campaign. And one sentence is still a shock today: “If 100 million or even 1 billion players enter a virtual world at the same time, then it is no longer a game, it is a country”

After that, we can suspect that the concept has strongly seduced. This is where SoftBank comes in with $500 million on the table. From there it is the big start of the adventure and here is the list of games:

  • Worlds Adrift planned for 2017, canceled in 2019
  • Mavericks: Proving Grounds scheduled for 2018, canceled 2019
  • Lazarus also planned in 2018, canceled in 2019
  • Seed planned on PC, no news
  • Scavengers was released in 2021 but was a commercial failure
  • Nightingale, in early access, whose release is still pending
  • And finally M-Square a project launched in April 2022 in Metaverse

According to this list, we cannot say that in 6 years there have been many releases. And the technology in this whole story just isn’t as cutting edge as expected. Scavengerswhich is currently the only game that really allows us to see a preview is nothing transcendent.

Now it’s all on the shoulders of the game nightingale, which can be found in Early Access on Steam. This is obviously an open world sandbox survival game. The goal is to explore, build and fight in a magical environment. If the scenario makes you dream, it will have to go to the end. Investors will have to remain hopeful.

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