His brain tumor was the trigger: Become a comedian, Florent is a hit with his videos

After being close to death, Florent Speroni, who lives with a brain tumor, decided to start as a comedian. (©The Perfect Unknown)

“If someone from Netflix wants to contact me for a film or a series, it will be with pleasure”, says amused, but still very serious, Florent Speronioriginally from Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle).

Better known as “The Perfect Stranger”, the one who has now 34 years old has made a name for himself on the Internet thanks to his humor.

But if he is now followed by more than a million people on Facebook, 115,000 on Instagram and his videos have millions of viewsFlorent’s life has not always been so “rosy”.

To understand this, you have to go back a few years. And more specifically in 2016when Florent learned that he was suffering from Cancer and that his tumor, located in the area of ​​the left temporal lobe, is the size of a ping-pong ball.

From epileptic seizures to cancer

In 2016, Florent 27 years old. One day he is the victim of one partial epileptic seizure “. “I was with a friend and I tried to tell her that I was losing my sight a little bit. But it is impossible for me to make a correct sentence. »

Eventually he was taken to the emergency room. “When I arrived at the hospital, I could speak again. However, I went through various studies. A scanner and ultrasound in particular”, states the person in question. It was only a week later that judgement fell.

The neurologist told me I had a brain tumor. I actually had a white spot in the center of my brain. At the time I wasn’t really aware of it. I had no feelings. I simply asked a lot of questions as a child.

Florent SperoniComedian known as “The Perfect Unknown”

“I didn’t feel sick at all”

Evidence that Florent is not aware of what is happening to him: he rejected the three-month suspension prescribed by the neurosurgeon. At the time, the young man, a procurement engineer, was “really into [son] occupation “.

Videos: currently on Actu

I replied “but never in my life”. I told myself I was going to hurt myself at work, I had loads of files going and most of all I didn’t feel sick at all.

Florent Speroni

The specialist then explains to Florent that he will have to take treatment. ONE antiepileptic which will cause him very tired. And he wasn’t wrong: “The next day I was stoned. I couldn’t stand the lights at all,” says the comedian.

“I Was Dying”

On July 4, 2016, Saint-Florent Day, our interlocutor recalls suffering one awake operation.

During the operation I had to speak and raise my right arm. I was shown pictures and I had to say what I saw. At the same time, I received electric shocks to the parts of my brain that needed to be removed. If they saw that I did not lose my abilities, they removed the parts in question.

Florent Speroni

During this operation, Florent momentarily lost sight. “But I wasn’t worried at all because I had the operation performed by Hugues Duffau* and I had complete confidence in him. »

Unfortunately for Florent, the sequel did not go as planned. A few weeks later was his birthday (definitely) he had to go through one second operation. The reason ? A nosocomial infection. “I wasn’t feeling well at all, I was dying,” he reveals.

Several epileptic seizures per day

After these two operations, Florent had to learn to speak again. “I spoke like a child, I was without a filter. For example, on the street I could say “oh look the gentleman, he’s black”, he explains.

During the following year, the 30-year-old also made several seizures per day. It was during an appointment with a specialist in the field that he realized he was very ill.

“He told me he was going to operate on me. every three or four years about my tumor. I thought it was over. I had crap for a year and then I learn that they will have to operate on me again and again? I cried like a madeleine. Just as much the first time I didn’t understand what was happening, so much so it was very difficult to cash in,” recalls Florent.

One million views on Facebook in 24 hours

At the same time, the thirty-year-old asks himself a lot of questions. Especially about his life.

I have long wondered what I love in life and what my true purpose is. I couldn’t answer that though. After my surgeries, I asked myself what I really wanted to do. And finally, I just wanted to be funny and make humorous videos.

Florent Speroni

that here finally worked very quickly. Within 24 hours, the video titled “raclette? “do 1,000,000 views on Facebook.

More good news will follow quickly. After TitoffFlorent has actually recorded videos with it Anthony Kavanagh or Peter Croce.

Laugh again and again

Today, if Florent’s tumor has grown again, despite the specialist’s announcement, he has not been operated on since. However, his main enemy is now epileptic seizures.

I never managed to stop the anti-epileptics. This year, for a few months, I had up to five partial epileptic seizures a day without any particular explanation. I was at the bottom of the abyss. There I have a new treatment and at the moment it is better.

Florent SperoniComedian known as “The Perfect Unknown”

If the thirty-year-old has no intention of stopping the videos anytime soon, he has certain goals in mind. Reach a million thereafter two million subscribers on Youtube. But also one day seeing his name roll in a Netflix credit…

*Professor Hugues Duffau, neurosurgeon practicing at Montpellier University Hospital, is particularly known for his brain tumor operations and for performing awake surgery.

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