How Airbus Spots and Evaluates Disruptive Technologies

Her name ? Airbus UpNext. Its mission: to serve as a springboard for breakthrough technologies. Created in 2017, victim of a serious air pocket in 2020 due to the pandemic, this little-known Airbus entity has got back in the saddle and promises to make more and more noise. In 2023, it will implement the first propulsion system demonstrator operating thanks to superconductivity, opening up a avenue for the electrification of aircraft. In 2024, it will conduct flight tests of an airfoil capable of adapting its shape to weather conditions. And Airbus UpNext will very soon create a surprise with other projects that are currently confidential.

Main achievement of this structure, which brings together around 150 full-time people, in France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain: having enabled Airbus to draw up its hydrogen plane project in September 2020, after two years spent putting this energy option on the grill. A daring path pushed by Sandra Bour Schaeffer, at the head of this real start-up since 2018.


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