How Google uses artificial intelligence in YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps or Google Photos

Google is one of the companies that uses artificial intelligence the most in its applications and services, and this is how it wanted to demonstrate it.

How Google uses artificial intelligence in YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps or Google Photos
The Google Photos app on an Android smartphone

Google is fully aware of the impact that AI is already having on technology development and has long embraced this technology with the aim of becoming one of the benchmarks in this field. For years, the company has strived to harness the power of artificial intelligence in its core products and services, and today there is no Google without AI, or vice versa.

Through its official blog, the company wanted to demonstrate how it uses artificial intelligence to improve its main services. Not only those whose operation depends directly on AI models, such as Google Lens or Translator, but also others that at first glance may seem unrelated to this concept.

To research

The most widely used search engine on the planet is twenty-five years old, and artificial intelligence is a very important part of the technology that brings it to life. Google cites features such as image search with Google Lens or the ability to record songs you hum as examples of AI applications.


Google is also harnessing the power of machine learning to bring some Maps features to life, such as its ability to determine how crowded a place is or the best route to get around traffic jams.

google pixels

Google Pixel series smartphones have spent years demonstrating how AI can be used to elevate the smartphone experience to another level, with features such as instant translation into up to 21 languages, magical eraser of objects and people in the photos or the software itself. responsible for processing the images taken with his camera.

Google Pixel 7 Pro Software

AI has been part of Pixel software since the first model of the family / Image:


Google’s cloud-based photo and video storage and organization app is another example of how artificial intelligence, used right, can transform seemingly simple experiences like viewing photos or videos stored on mobile phones. The company explains that since 2015 it has been using artificial intelligence to “understand” what is in the photos and thus facilitate searches in the albums.


The typical video platform does not get rid of AI-powered features, such as automatic caption generation, which have been present on the service for some time.


Google’s virtual assistant naturally bases its operation on artificial intelligence. Specifically, Google talks about NLP (natural language processing) technology, which allows the assistant to “understand” and respond to users’ requests in a more “human” way. For example, try to identify the context of the question to show the most relevant information in each case.


Managing your email might not be the most fun task, but thanks to some AI-powered features in Gmail, at least the job is getting easier. Google admits that thanks to artificial intelligence, Gmail is able to significantly reduce the amount of spam that users receive, being able to block about ten million fraudulent emails every minute.


Advertising is big business for Google, which for years has outsourced some of its functions to artificial intelligence tools, such as Performance Max, a tool that automatically generates ad campaigns based on each company’s needs.


With its cloud-centric division, Google also allows other companies to benefit from its advances in artificial intelligence with various solutions and applications designed to meet business needs. A few examples are mentioned as DocAI, for document processing; Contact Center AI as operational for customer calls; o Vertex Vision AI for image and video analysis.

By mid-2023, Google is immersed in a fine-tuning process where it plans to focus its efforts and resources on these truly priority areas. Google itself has admitted that artificial intelligence is such an area, and the emergence of tools like ChatGPT set off all the alarm bells in the company, which ended up concentrating the best talents in his company on the development of solutions that use artificial intelligence as a basis. .

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