how the first womb transplant changed a family’s life

NARRATIVE – Suffering from a serious illness, Déborah is expecting her second baby after having benefited from the first uterus transplant in France.

Mom ?From the top of his 90 cm, Misha runs, his feet still stumbling, treading the floor of their apartment in Cannes. With laughing eyes, the child is a medical feat, the first baby born after a uterus transplant. Deborah, 37, reaches out and grabs the little girl with blond, almost white hair. Even twenty months after his birth, hearing the word “momalways triggers a shudder in the young mother. For more than ten years, she was indeed convinced that she could never have a child.

At the dawn of her majority, when Déborah had never had her period unlike girls her age, the doctors told her that she had MRKH syndrome, a rare disease which deprives one in 5,000 women of a uterus. Four letters that sound the death knell for her dreams of motherhood. “When it was announced to me, I did not yet want a child, but I dreamed of having one one day. I had always imagined myself as a mother, she confides, then…

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