How to Add a Shortcut to Someone’s Location on Google Maps

Google Maps lets you share your location with friends and family, and see their location if they give you permission. For people you regularly check in with, you can create a handy shortcut on the home screen of Android devices.

Google Maps’ location sharing feature is similar to Apple’s “Find My” feature. You can share your location for a fixed or indefinite period. When other people share their location with you, they appear directly on the map. One can create a shortcut that will take you directly to their location.

How to Find Altitude on Google Maps

First, open Google Maps on your Android device and tap on the profile icon in the search bar.

Select “Location Sharing” from the menu.

Select “Location Sharing”.

A list of people who share their location with you appears at the bottom of the screen. Select the person you want to create a shortcut for.

Select a person.

Then tap the three-dot menu icon on its info card and select “Add to Home Screen.”

Select “Add to Home Screen”.

A pop-up window appears with the shortcut. You can touch and hold the shortcut icon to drag it onto the home screen yourself, or select “Add automatically” to have the shortcut placed on the home screen for you.

Place the shortcut.

Once the shortcut is placed on your home screen, you can tap it to open Google Maps where it is.

Launch the shortcut.

This is an appreciable time saver for the people around you who you need to hear from frequently. Google Maps has a few handy features for letting people know where you are.

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