How to Add Descriptions to Files and Folders in Google Drive

If you are a heavy user of Google Drive, you probably have lots of files and folders stored there. You may have many files with similar names and you may need to do advanced searches to find what you need. This is where adding descriptions can come in handy.

Why Use Descriptions in Google Drive

You can add descriptions to files and folders in Google Drive. Use them to describe an image, the contents of a folder, the contents of a video, etc.

Depending on how you name your files before saving or uploading them, you may have many items, such as images or screenshots, with comparable names. It is therefore difficult to determine which one you need at the moment.

In addition to getting the details of a file or folder before opening it, you can take advantage of descriptions when searching Google Drive. You can search for a word or phrase in the description, and that item will appear in your search results.

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Adding a description in Google Drive

The description field for an item in Google Drive is a bit out of the way; you need to know where to look. Select an item in Google Drive on the web to add its description. Next, click the Show Details icon (small letter “i”) in the top right or right-click the item and choose “Show Details”.

Show details in the menu and at the top of Google Drive

This opens a sidebar on the right side. Make sure the Details tab is selected at the top. Scroll through the list of your item’s details until the Add Description field appears.

Add Description field in Details sidebar

Click the pencil icon to the right of the field. When the text box opens, enter your item’s description.

Text box for description in Google Drive

You can press Enter or Return or just click outside the text box. You will see that your description is saved automatically.

Description added and saved in Google Drive

You can close the sidebar by clicking the X in the top right.

Then, just reopen the sidebar with Show details to see or edit an item’s description.

Search with description

Once you add a description to an item, that item is easier to find. When using the “Search in Player” field at the top of the screen, enter a word or phrase from your description to find this item more easily or at least narrow the results further.

Item in search results using description

In addition to a more useful way to see what a file or folder is in Google Drive, there’s another way to find the items you need. Will you be adding descriptions to some of your Google Drive items?

To learn more, find out how to add Google Drive to File Explorer in Windows or how to set it up and use it on your Mac.

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