How to Automatically Highlight Values ​​in Google Sheets

Conditional formatting is an easy way to make numbers stand out in Google Sheets. You can automatically apply formatting such as bold font or cell color when certain values ​​meet your criteria.

Conditional formatting is a great option because when you make changes to your sheet, that formatting is automatically applied. So when your values ​​change, you can see those numbers showing up without any extra work.

We showed you how to use date-based conditional formatting and how to use it for certain texts. So let’s go back to the most basic use of this function and automatically highlight values.

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Configuring a conditional formatting rule

Check out Google Sheets, sign in, open the workbook you want to use, and choose a sheet. The rules you define apply only to the current worksheet.

Select the cells to which you want to apply the conditional formatting rule by dragging adjacent cells or by holding down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) while selecting nonadjacent cells.

Selected cells in Google Sheets

Go to the Format tab and choose “Conditional Formatting”.

Conditional formatting in the Format menu

This opens a sidebar on the right for you to set a rule. Select the Single Color tab at the top and confirm the cells in the Apply to Range box.

Apply to Range field

Then choose the criteria you want to use from the Format cells if drop-down box. You will see eight options for numbers such as greater than, less than, equal to, not equal to, and between.

Criteria for numbers

As an example, let’s choose Greater Than to highlight sales greater than $500. After choosing the criterion, you will add the corresponding value(s) in the field below.

Criterion greater than 500

You can now choose the formatting style using things like bold, italic, or underline for the font or a fill color for the cells. You can also use a combination of styles if you wish. So you can choose both a bold font and a green cell color.

Formatting bold font and green fill

As you select formatting, you’ll see your sheet update and you’ll have a nice preview of your selection. This allows you to make adjustments before saving the rule. When you are happy with the highlighting, click “Done” to apply the rule.

Preview rule in sheet

You should see cells that meet your criteria highlighted. And, if you make changes to these cells that affect the criteria, they are automatically updated.

Conditional formatting rule with sheet changes

Examples of conditional formatting

Let’s look at some more examples of using value-based conditional formatting.

You can use the Less than or equal to criterion to highlight the smallest values ​​in the range. Here we can see our lowest sales, those that are equal to or less than 50.

Rule “less than or equal to 50

You may want to see specific values. Here we want to see all sales that are exactly $400 using the Is Equal To criteria with 400 as the corresponding value.

Rule “is equal to 400

You can use the Is Not Between criteria to find numbers outside of a range. Here we enter 100 and 500 to find values ​​that are not between these numbers. This allows us to see our highest and lowest sales at the same time.

Rule “is not between 100 and 500

If you want to define more than one conditional formatting rule for your sheet, you can do that too. Here, the highest values ​​are filled in green and the lowest in red.

Two conditional formatting rules on one sheet

To add more rules, select “Add another rule” at the bottom of the current rule’s sidebar or when you first open it.

Options for adding another rule

Edit or delete a conditional formatting rule

After you define your rule, you can make changes to it or delete it altogether if you wish.

Return to Format > Conditional Formatting to open the sidebar. You will see all the rules you have defined for this sheet.

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Conditional formatting rules for a sheet

Conditional formatting in Google Sheets gives you a great way to see the values ​​you want at a glance. You can make negative numbers stand out or try the color scale option.

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