How to Backup Your Google Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Having a backup of your Google account is important. It protects your photos, apps and other data. Your Android smartphone is most likely your central device having all your important data. While most phones automatically back up your data, you can check it manually on your device.

To do this, go to the Settings app on your phone. Head to Google, then tap Backup. If the Backup to Google toggle button isn’t enabled by default, disable it. This will back up your phone data to the Google account associated with your device.

How to backup your Gmail account

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– Visit

– Go to Privacy and Personalization

– Click on Manage your data and privacy settings

– Scroll down to Download/Delete your data

– Here, click on Download your data

– You will be redirected to the Google Takeout page

– Here you can (de)select the Google service for which you want to download your data. For example, if you want to download Gmail data only, deselect everything first, then choose Gmail

– Now click on Next Step

– After that, click on the little arrow below to choose Shipping Method

– You can also choose to export your data by selecting the type of compression to use (.zip or .tgz) and the maximum file size. To do this, click Create Export.

In a piece of news recently, Google CEO Sundar Pichai hinted at possible layoffs at the company as he wants to make the company 20% more efficient after years of rapid hiring. Speaking at the Code Conference in Los Angeles, Pichai explained how he plans to make the company more efficient ahead of economic uncertainty and a broader slowdown in ad spending, of which Google has been the biggest beneficiary to date. , reported CNBC. “The more we try to understand macroeconomics, the more we feel very uncertain about it,” he said, adding that “macroeconomic performance is correlated with advertising spending, consumer spending, etc. »

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