How to clear your search history on Facebook?

Like Google, Facebook also keeps a history of the searches you have done on the social network. But sometimes people pay less attention to it.

And since Facebook does not offer an “incognito” search mode (available on Chrome, Google applications, and even YouTube), we do not have the same reflexes when.

Yet, like the searches you do on Google products, the searches you do on Facebook can also include embarrassing information that someone else might accidentally stumble upon.

But the good news is that in the absence of private or “incognito” mode for research, Facebook makes it easy to erase history.

How to Clear Facebook Search History on PC?

On PC, your Facebook search history is available on its website,

  • Once logged in, go to the homepage
  • Click on “Search on Facebook”
  • Your most recent searches appear, along with an “Edit” button. Press this button

When you click on the Facebook search box, it displays your last searches, as well as the “Edit” button (screenshot)

  • On the Search History page, you just have to click on “Clear searches”
Facebook searches

Make your Facebook searches disappear by clicking on “Clear searches”. The page then refreshes and displays the message: “Nothing to display” (Screenshot)

  • After your searches have been cleared, the page displays the message “Nothing to display”

How to Clear Facebook Search History on Mobile?

On mobile, the procedure is quite similar.

  • Open the Facebook mobile app, then tap on search (the “magnifying glass” icon)
  • In the search section, Facebook displays your recent searches, and a “See all” button. press below
Facebook searches

In the Search section of the Facebook app, tap on “See all”, in order to consult your search history, and access the button to clear these searches. (Screenshot)

  • In the Search History section, you just have to press “Delete all”
Facebook searches

Once the history is open, press “Delete all” to delete all items from this history. (Screenshot)

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, Facebook does not provide private search functions. Therefore, if you do not want to leave traces, it is necessary to repeat this operation regularly, or each time you do a series of searches that you do not want to keep in the “recent searches” of your account.


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