How to explore the solar system in 3D with Google

New Google and NASA Let You Virtually Explore the Solar System Using Your Mobile

Google has again collaborated with NASA, this time to develop a new virtual exhibit that allows you to virtually visualize the solar system and all the elements that compose it. To do this, you only need a mobile phone and Internet access.

For some time now, Google has offered the possibility of viewing the planets, stars and other cosmic bodies present in the Solar System through augmented reality, thanks to three-dimensional models that allow them to be explored in detail. Now he wanted to take it a step further, with an exhibit that provides more insight into some of the greatest milestones in science and astronomy.

New from Google and NASA are a great way to explore the solar system without having to use anything other than your mobile. If you’re interested, read on: we’ll tell you how you can do it.

Explore the solar system with Google

Google has collaborated with NASA to create a virtual exhibit of the solar system.

Discover the secrets of the solar system thanks to Google and NASA

At the time of the launch of this exhibition, more than sixty 3D models of planets, satellites and other space bodies are included. All of them have been modeled based on the latest scientific findings and advancements, and aim to bust some of the great space myths that still exist.

In addition to the virtual items themselves, the exhibit also tells interesting stories about some of the most curious phenomena that have occurred over the centuries. From the formation of gas giants to the study of the possible existence of life on Venus.

NASA even gives you a glimpse of the best images taken by the Hubble Telescope, shows you what makes the International Space Station so amazing, and tells you what the Mars Perseverance rover tells us about our place in the universe.

In order to explore the solar system in 3D with Google, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open the Google search engine on your mobile and search for a space-related topic (eg James Webb Space Telescope)
  2. Press the “View in 3D” button on the item info card that will appear in the first search result.
  3. Touch and drag the object to see it in more detail. You can also zoom in or out, or project the object into the real world using augmented reality by tapping “See in your space”.

How to explore the solar system in 3D with Google

How to explore the solar system in 3D with GoogleHow to explore the solar system in 3D with GoogleHow to explore the solar system in 3D with Google

In addition to this, Google has enabled a series of web pages that allow you to explore the solar system, through stories such as Neptune’s diamond showers, gas giants and dwarf planets, Saturn’s moons and the rocky surface of Mars. It is also possible to access a fantastic gallery with the best images taken by the Hubble telescope, the history of the International Space Station or everything that the Mars Perseverance rover reveals to us during its Mars exploration mission.

In addition to elements of the solar system, Google also offers the possibility of viewing animals, everyday objects, vehicles and even parts of the human body in 3D thanks to augmented reality.

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