how to hack dinosaur game to become invincible?

The T. Rex Game is Google Chrome’s flagship game. And if you’re tired of failing, you can cheat by doing a quick manipulation that will make you invincible!

T. Rex Game – Credit: Google Chrome

Originally, Google had deployed the T. Rex Game on Chrome to make its users wait when faced with an Internet outage. Very popular, the game is now accessible at any time. Just type chrome:dino in the address bar and press the space key. The gameplay is then as simple as pie. Press the space key or the up arrow key to jump and avoid cacti and other pterodactyls. You can also duck with the down arrow.

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How to Hack Chrome’s T. Rex Game

As you progress, the difficulty increases. Enough to make more than one rage! Be aware that it is quite possible to “hack” the game to make it less complicated by modifying the jump height, for example. To do this :

  • Right click on the page then click on Inspect to open the developer tools.
  • In the tab Consolepaste the following code in the dedicated area: Runner.instance_.tRex.setJumpVelocity(15)
  • Finally press Hall.
Image 2: Google Chrome: how to hack dinosaur game to become invincible?

You can change the value “(15)” to a higher or lower number to optimize the jump height of the T-Rex to your liking. Now let’s move on to dinosaur speed.

  • To modify it, repeat the previous steps then type this code in the console: Runner.instance_.setSpeed(1000)
  • It is possible to change the “(1000)” to a different value to obtain a faster or slower rhythm.

Now we are going to tell you how to make your dinosaur immortal. This cheat code will allow you to play without ever seeing the “Game Over” screen.

  • Repeat the above steps to access the developer tools console.
  • Paste the following code: Runner. prototype. gameOver = function () {}
  • Your dino now passes through cacti and pterodactyls without being killed.
  • To disable invincibility, copy the following code: Runner.prototype.gameOver = original
Image 3: Google Chrome: how to hack dinosaur game to become invincible?

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