How to make the bookmarks bar appear in Google Chrome?

Favorites not only give you quick access to your favorite pages, but they also facilitate navigation while optimizing that experience.

Thanks to them, you can also keep track of your most visited platforms and addresses in this browser.

However, it may happen that the bookmark bar in google chrome disappears, preventing you from finding your preferences. So how do you go about making it appear again?

That bar with your favorite pages is a very great advantage that allows you to optimize browsing on Google Chrome and even on other browsers. In particular, it allows to have a backup, at any time, of all your favorite pages, your most important addresses and others. The bookmark bar also represents a kind of personal bookmark that you have in your Google Chrome browser.

To restore this bar, it will be necessary to follow a well-defined but rather simple process. Open first google chrome browser by clicking on the window in the right corner. You will see 3 dots, placed vertically. That’s exactly it chrome menu. When the latter will appear, click on the option ” Favorites “.

Now check the “Show bookmark bar” tab to display it. You can also use the key combination ” Ctrl+Shift+B which will restore your missing bar. It will now be visible under the search bar dedicated to website URLs. To access all favorite pages, click on the “Bookmark Manager” tab. As soon as they appear, you can order them by the page you use the most, especially if you have multiple bookmarks.

We generally find the menu bar at the level of the windows or at the top of the screen. It consists of a series of words that you can click on. This bar is often represented by certain functions, namely:

  • File ;
  • Editing;
  • Help etc.

However, Google Chrome does not have a menu bar. Its menu is simply represented by the aforementioned three dots. Generally, however, there are intermediate words that can be found in the menu bar.

Much depends on the software used. This can disappear at any time. To display it, there are several options available to you. Press on “Alt” keyof the keyboard; this is the first tip. If this key doesn’t work, click the one that says ” Everything Gr “.

Now click on the “View” tab in the upper left corner of the window. Then select the Toolbars window. This action will show the toolbars you want to show.

Just search for “the toolbarand then click on it. It will automatically appear in its usual place. However, it should be noted that the Google toolbar can first be downloaded in another window.

Using the bookmark bar makes navigation much easier. But by saving more pages, your bar will undoubtedly be very full. Thus, some favorites will be hidden and you will have to show more to access them.

How to then install the majority of your sites orfavorite pagesin the dedicated bar? The trick is to remove the titles from these platforms and keep only their icons. To achieve this, you just have to follow a very simple process consisting of a few steps.

First, show the bookmarks bar (if you haven’t already) using the menu. Then click the link on the first page. When it appears, simply tap the star icon representing the favorite. A context menuEdit favorite” see you.

Just delete the name of this page by selecting with the combination “CTRL+A“then”CTRL+X“. Then select the option “Okay” to validate. You will now only see this favorite’s icon in the bar. Repeat this process to display the other icons, thus expanding the list of favorites in the bar.

To makelist of favoritesyou just need to go to the Google menu from the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of your window.

Then click on “Favorites”. You will see the “Bookmark Manager” option. Thus you will show the favorite folders. One is the one that contains those that appear in the favorites bar (folder “Favorite bar“).

You can also open the folder “Other favoritesto view websites or pages that are not in the bar. Here is your favorite list. Furthermore, to show “Preferred manager“, you just need to use the keyboard’s keyboard shortcut”Ctrl+Shift+O“.

Show the favorites bar toGoogle Chromebecomes almost child’s play once you get the hang of it. To do this, simply follow the instructions described here

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