How to only see Google Calendar invitations from people you know?

Want invitations to appear automatically in your Google Calendar, but worried about spam? Instead of blocking the automatic display of all events, you have another possibility. You can view events from only people you know.

This addition to Google Calendar settings was announced in July 2022. If you haven’t checked it out yet, now is the time!

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If you enable the option to automatically show events from people you know, this includes senders in your organization, using the same domain. These are also people in your contact list and people you have interacted with in the past.

Once the feature is enabled, you will continue to receive invitations from unknown senders. However, these events will not appear in your Google Calendar until you accept them.

Options for adding invitations to Google Calendar

You can enable this setting on the Google Calendar website as well as in the mobile app on Android and iPhone.

View invitations from people you know on the web

To enable this setting on the web, visit Google Calendar in your browser and sign in. Click the gear icon in the top right and choose “Settings”.

Expand the “General” section on the left and choose “Event Settings”.

Events settings under General in Google Calendar settings

Select the “Add invitations to my calendar” drop-down list and choose “Only if the sender is known”.

Only if the sender is known in the Add invitations drop-down list

You should see a pop-up message informing you that this change does not affect invitations you have already received and that you will receive future invitations from unknown senders via email.

Select “OK” to confirm the message and save the change.

How invitations are added to the confirmation message

Limit invites to people you know in the mobile app

To change this setting in the Google Calendar mobile app, you must follow the same procedure on Android and iPhone.

Open Google Calendar and select the menu icon in the top left. Select “Settings”, then press “General”.

Settings, General in the Google Calendar mobile app

Scroll down to “Add invitations” and select “Add invitations to my calendar”.

Added invitation settings in the Google Calendar mobile app

Select “Only if the sender is known” and confirm the change in the pop-up window by selecting “OK”.

Only if the sender is known and confirmation in the mobile application

If you have multiple Google accounts in the Google Calendar app, follow the same procedure for each one if you wish.

You can then use the top left arrow to exit Settings and return to your main Google Calendar screen.

It may be convenient for you to have invitations automatically added to your Google Calendar, but you have disabled this option because of unknown senders. With the improved settings, you can see these events again, but only from people you know.

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