How to put a crying baby to sleep? Scientists have a very specific answer

To put a crying baby to sleep, there are two steps to follow. according to these Italian and Japanese researchers. To find out, they used cameras and heart rate monitors in 21 babies aged 0-7 months.

28 mins

Four strategies were tested: carrying the child while walking, carrying the child while sitting, pushing him in a moving stroller or a rocking cradle, or laying him in a bed. Only one strategy had a calming effect: carrying the baby while walking. After 5 min, 5 of 11 infants (45%) were asleep and none were crying at the end. But second step, and not the least, when should you put him in his bed, so that he doesn’t wake up again? Scientists also have the answer: sit still for 5 to 8 minutes. In summary, 5 min of carrying while walking and then 5 to 8 minutes sitting before putting him back in his sleeping bed.

1h 25

The main author of the study indicates that 20 to 30% of infants have sleep disorders for no apparent reason. Excessive crying that causes parental stress and can even trigger impulsive acts of abuse in a small number of cases. According to a French study, the number of shaken babies has also increased in Ile-de-France during the COVID-19 epidemic. It is therefore not a magic recipe, but only a little help enlightened by science to appease your child.

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