How to scan a QR Code on Android or with an iPhone?

Always more used on a daily basis, QR codes are, it must be admitted, very practical. Provided you know how to use them. This article is here for that, whether you use an Android smartphone or an iPhone.

QR codes (or Quick Response Code) are now everywhere. It must be said that these barcodes are as useful for very simply connecting to online services as for opening or sharing web pages or documents in a few seconds. These small images made up of black and white squares are often the easiest solution to use in many situations. However, you still need to know how to interact with it.

The good news is that it is not very complicated. The bad news is that the method differs (fortunately, less and less) from one device to another. If Apple has, as always, unified the solution on its iPhone and iPad, on the other hand at Android, there are almost as many solutions as there are manufacturers. This article will nevertheless give you several solutions, and there is no doubt that you will find the one that suits you.

Small reminder of use before starting: on the Internet, you must always be careful about what you open, and QR Codes are no exception. Take a good look at what the URL from a QR Code looks like before opening it. Finally, if you have to scan QR Codes from WhatsApp, Snapchat and other applications (to add friends, for example), the easiest way will be to use the QR Code reader integrated into each one.

Scan a QR Code on iPhone or iPad

On iOS (iPhone or iPad), the solution is very simple and automatic:

  1. Open the camera from the home screen, control center, or lock screen;
  2. Aim at the QR Code so that you can see it completely and with about 20 cm of space between it and your device;
  3. Tap the notification that appears to open the associated link.

Scan a QR Code on Android

On Android, multiple solutions are available to you depending on the brand and model of your device and the version of Android installed on it. If none of the methods mentioned below work, the easiest way will be to download an application dedicated to reading QR Codes on the Play Store, such as QR Droid, QR Code Reader or QR & Barcode Reader. No need to pay, a free solution does the trick perfectly.

If your device is at least modern, Google Lens is probably already installed on it. This application, integrated into Google Assistant (also surely already present in your smartphone or tablet), notably allows you to read QR Codes.

  1. Open Google Assistant by pressing and holding the home button, for example;
  2. Open Google Lens by tapping on the square camera icon;
  3. Aim at the QR Code so that you can see it completely and with about 20 cm of space between it and your device;
  4. Tap the link that appears to open the associated item.

Special cases on Android

If you don’t have Google Lens or if you prefer to go through the solution implemented by the manufacturer of your Android smartphone or tablet, that’s also possible.

At Samsung, Asus, HTC or Xiaomi for example, it is often enough to go through the supplied camera application capable, as at Apple, of automatically detecting a QR Code just by pointing it. The opening of the link behind the QR Code will sometimes be automatic, sometimes manual. Some applications, however, will require prior authorization or an option to be activated in the application settings. Finger gestures in the interface may also be necessary in some cases to bring up the QR Code reader. The Google Lens icon can also be found directly in the interface of the photo application of certain manufacturers, such as Xiaomi or Sony.


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