How to Use Google Maps to Avoid Road Traffic

We tell you which are the most recommended tricks to avoid traffic thanks to Google Maps. Do not miss them !

You can ask Google Maps a lot of things. For example, it allows you to receive notifications when a friend or family member arrives or leaves a site. Plus, it helps you get home quickly with the ability to add your address. And, if you drive often, you can use Google Maps to avoid traffic on the road. Do you already know how to get the most out of this feature? Read on for all the tips related to Google Maps and traffic conditions.

In this guide we explain how to activate the traffic layer in Google Maps and, in this way, explore which is the best route in each case. In addition, we show you other procedures that will allow you to avoid traffic jams while traveling. Take advantage of Google Maps to avoid traffic jams!

Enable traffic layer in Google Maps

How to Use Google Maps to Avoid Road Traffic

Google Maps is the perfect ally to avoid traffic jams. Find out how to get the most out of it

Google Maps includes several layers used to overlay data on the map. This allowed users to know, among other things, the incidence of COVID in each Spanish autonomous community, a function that eventually disappeared. Something similar happens with traffic. The best-known map application includes real-time traffic visualization.

How to Use Google Maps to Avoid Road Traffic

A few steps are enough to activate the traffic layer in Maps

This is how traffic is activated on Google Maps:

  1. Tap the layers button, located in the top right corner of Maps.
  2. In the selector, choose Traffic.
  3. Scroll the map to see traffic conditions.

The color code of this layer is very simple. The shades range from intense green, for areas without traffic jams, to dark brown, for roads with heavy traffic jams.

Interestingly, the amount of data that Google Maps receives is very high. This allows you to know the state of traffic on highways and secondary roads, but also most of the streets of towns and villages in the country.

Other tips to avoid traffic jams with Google Maps or help others

Enabling the traffic layer in Google Maps isn’t the only thing you can do to enjoy traffic-free driving. Here are some additional tips for maximizing the trips you take with your car.

Have a forecast of traffic conditions on your journeys

Showing traffic conditions on the map is just one of the things Maps can do to help you avoid traffic jams. Another very effective tool is route planning. Before you go, set your scroll data, then open the bottom menu by swiping up.

How to Use Google Maps to Avoid Road Traffic

Google Maps doesn’t just tell you how busy a business is. It also shows what are the peak times for your route

There you will see more information about traffic and peak times corresponding to the data entered. In addition, the total travel time follows the same color code. If it appears green, it indicates that you will not have congestion problems on the roads you are driving on. But, if it is displayed in red, it indicates that some sections might have crowds.

View road conditions while navigating

While you are navigating, you will surely like to see the traffic conditions on the map. In principle, if you have already activated the corresponding layer, this function must be activated. However, if not, just follow a few simple instructions.

How to Use Google Maps to Avoid Road Traffic

Activate real-time traffic as you navigate with Google Maps

Once you have entered the navigation, scroll down the bottom menu to see all the options. Then tap Show traffic on map. Now, while navigating, you will see real-time traffic data on the map.

Use highways to go faster

In most cases, using express lanes is an effective way to avoid traffic jams. How do you configure Maps to prioritize freeways and expressways in your trips?

How to Use Google Maps to Avoid Road Traffic

Motorways and toll roads are generally the ones with the fewest congestion problems

Create a new route and, in the Directions section, click on the three dots located in the upper right corner. In the menu, click Route Options. Finally, in the pop-up dialog, uncheck Avoid highways and Avoid tolls.

Remember that when generating directions, Google Maps takes traffic conditions into account. If a freeway or highway is blocked, it is customary to avoid it to save yourself from traffic jams. Or maybe you feel that despite the traffic problems on the road, it’s still the fastest option. Oh, and if one of the roads in your route stops while navigating, the app will look for alternatives using data it receives from real-time traffic.

Help others avoid traffic jams

Even when Maps’ smart features haven’t saved you from the traffic jam, you can still help other drivers. How?

How to Use Google Maps to Avoid Road Traffic

If you can’t spare yourself the restraint anymore, tell others to avoid it.

Tap the bubble button with the Plus (+) symbol. Next, specify what the problem is on your route. This data is used by Google Maps to avoid traffic jams for other drivers, which has an impact on the traffic jams you are in and on the environment.

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