I said goodbye to Google Photos

I stopped using Google’s cloud because I found a cheaper one with no limits.

Since I have Android I have been a faithful follower and lover of everything Google has touched, but for a year I have said goodbye to one of its most used services in Android terminals, Google Pictures. And it is that I found a perfect alternative and with unlimited storage for photos that made me smile again.

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Amazon Photos is a service to download your photos in original size in a completely unlimited way. Limits do not exist on this service. Of course, to take advantage of this immeasurable cloud of photos, you must fulfill only one condition which comes with an annual payment: Amazon Prime. But, as you know, this subscription does not come alone.

Get Unlimited Amazon Photos

How to Download Unlimited Photos with Amazon Photos

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It’s not cool to have unlimited space to store all your photos

The Amazon Photos service is included in the annual Amazon Prime subscription. With it, you can only download an unlimited number of photos in the original size and quality in which they were taken, unlike Google Photos which limited the download if you had not paid for the Google One subscription .

Storage is unlimited for photos, but there is enough for videos. In this case, we will only have 5 GB to upload video files. However, we also have the option to increase this capacity for videos with several additional plans:

  • 5 GB free without being an Amazon Prime user, just having an account.
  • 100 GB for €1.99/month or €19.99/year.
  • 1 TB for €9.99/month or €99.99/year.
  • 2 TB for €19.99/month or €199.99/year.
  • 3 TB for 299.97 euros/year.
  • 4 TB for 399.96 euros/year.
  • 5 TB for 499.95 euros/year.
  • 6 TB for 599.94 euros/year.
  • 7 TB for 699.93 euros/year.
  • 8 TB for 799.92 euros/year.
  • 9 TB for 899.91 euros/year.
  • 10 TB for 999.90 euros/year.
  • 20 TB for 1999.80 euros/year.
  • 30 TB for 2,999.70 euros/year.

Get Unlimited Amazon Photos

To manage this storage, Amazon has two applications: Amazon Photos for photos and videos, and Amazon Drive, for the rest of the files. Many businesses trust Amazon Drive and its larger storage plans for its security and immediate access from various devices such as mobiles, tablets, and computers. If, for example, you contract the 1TB plan, you will have the capacity to download both photos and videos and ZIP, RAR, EXE files or whatever you want the most. If you come with the Amazon Prime subscription, the size of the photos will not take up space in your cloud.

The differences between Amazon Photos and Drive are minimal.

Why am I using Amazon Photos now?

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We spent the day taking photos, what could be better than having an unlimited place to store them / Image: Christian Collado

The Amazon Photos application is more complete every day. It is updated month by month to achieve a user experience like the one we have with Google Photos, iCloud or OneDrive, among others. You can download the Amazon app for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, and macOS. The formats supported by Amazon Photos are:

  • Photos: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, HEIF, HEVC, HEIC and some RAW (NEF, CR2, CIFF, ARW, ORF and DNG).
  • Video: MP4, QuickTime, AVI, MTS, MPG, ASF, WMV, Flash, HEIF, HEVC and OGG.

One of the improvements that have been added that reminds me of Google and Apple services is the recognition of objects, people and places that this Amazon application uses. You can also filter by any of these values ​​to manage your photos, which makes it very useful when creating your own travel albums. We also have Reminders (“Memories”) which will create a brief presentation of captures from a certain date with photos from that day.

The truth is that having the Amazon Prime subscription already made the switch to Amazon Photos easier and I didn’t have to pay any money to take the plunge. Instead, when Google Photos “forced” me out, it was for a good reason, money. I need more than 50 GB of cloud storage just for images, and with Google’s 15 GB, I don’t have enough. I hope Amazon Photos will soon have an application more than worthy of such a secure storage service.

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