Idriss Aberkane: Cryptocurrency – What’s behind the FTX scandal?

updated on 11/20/22

He was a genius, the new J.-P. Morgan, the idol of the American press and the second largest donor to the Democratic Party. Samuel Bankman-Fried even thought of buying Goldman Sachs in his spare time… Alas, it was in fact the Madoff of cryptocurrency, and as with Madoff, the US Financial Markets Authority (the SEC) proved deaf and blind to all serious warning signs of an impending scam. But behind the panic due to the scam (FTX) hides another scam, that of the central banks which will be able to confiscate your assets.

Samuel Bankman-Fried, ultra-connected son of a good family, will have participated in an opaque network of money laundering, scams and corruption in which millions of retired savers will have left an arm, just like the Ukrainian population… He is now on the loose in the Bahamas. The real crooks are always close to power, but don’t forget, it is towards Didier Raoult and Elon Musk that the press investigations should be directed

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