If You See This Sign In Your Child’s Eyes, They Could Be Autistic

Lack of eye contact could be a telltale sign of autism, according to a new scientific study. Observing the attitude of his child could therefore participate in the diagnosis of the disease.

We all know that our eyes reflect many of our emotions. But it could also tell us more about our mental health, according to a new study whose conclusions have been published in the journal Plos One and relayed by the Sun. According to the scientists in charge of this research, autism could be detected quite quickly through our eyes.

As they recall, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can affect a person’s communication skills and ability to socialize. Those with it would therefore avoid speaking and struggle to interact with others.

After examining the brain activity of adults during social interactions, doctors at Yale University found that participants with ASD had significantly reduced activity in a region of the brain called the dorsal parietal cortex compared to those without ASD. This is the part of the brain that accounts for spatial attention and eye movements, essential for good social interaction.

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A major discovery

A major discovery that could help in the diagnosis and future treatments of the disease. “Our brains crave information about others, and we need to understand how these social mechanisms function in the context of a real, interactive world in typically developed individuals as well as individuals with ASD,” explained author Joy Hirsch.

And to add: “We now not only have a better understanding of autism neurobiology and social differences, but also of the underlying neural mechanisms that drive typical social connections.” According to her, it would therefore be essential to carefully examine the attitude of her children and to consult in the event that a lack of eye contact is observed.

According to INSERM, the National Institute of Health and Medical Research, around 700,000 people have an autism spectrum disorder in France, 100,000 of whom are under 20 years old. Currently, 8,000 children with autism are born every year, or about one person in 100.

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