I’m overwhelmed by technology

Hello friends,

How are you, is everyone okay today? Well listen to me too, it’s going very well.

I have a crucial question to ask you before starting this column, have some of you done the latest iPhone update? Nagui I know that in view of the good audiences of France Inter you bought the Apple group this summer so I imagine so, but I still wanted to collect the opinion of “beggars”, as you call them.

I’m asking you the question because it’s the one I’ve been asked the most this week. Just before “Paul, how do you manage to be such a charismatic boy? “.

I didn’t understand everything about this update. I have a friend who told me “you’ll see it’s really a revolutionary thing”. Uh no. You just have the time written bigger. We are much closer to the ophthalmologist than to the revolution there. Then after he argued again he said to me “no but before when you turned on your iPhone it was noon, and now when you turn on your iPhone, it is always noon, but written in big letters”. Well suddenly it’s not too much my friend for a week but good.

This update uses a little battery. Apart from Daniel Morin in the morning, I have rarely seen something that pumped so much energy. Yesterday, for example, I sent an sms to Alexandre to ask him nicely to stop sending me photos of him naked before 9 am, well, I already had more battery. Besides, I only have the iPhone 10, so the photos of him that he sends me don’t fit entirely on the screen, I only see little bits of shoulders sticking out.

I also read about this new update that all this was part of a commercial strategy that was intended to push consumers to buy the latest iPhone. So out of curiosity, I looked at the price of the latest iPhone. And one thing is for sure, I’m not going to buy it. Since for now I have no plans to invest in real estate. 2300 euros the last iPhone, personally I move inside.

If you compare to something concrete, it’s more expensive than a scooter. When I saw that I said to myself, well from now on I’m going to travel around Paris in an iPhone 14. Plus it’s electric, so parking will be free. Afterwards we are in Paris where there will always be people to give me thoughts of the style “move forward with your iPhone 14”.

I have to be honest with you this morning, however, for a very simple reason, which is that it’s contractual. On the France Inter contracts, there are 3 clauses “You will be honest, you will not be paid, and you will pledge allegiance to Saint-Nagui”. Signed Saint Nagui.

So for the sake of honesty, I have to reveal to you that there is a purchase on which I recently gave in to Apple. I bought the charger which charges fast. You know the charger that charges fast? It is a charger that allows you when you want to charge your phone, to no longer have to take RTT. Since before with the charger which does not load quickly, which visually also has the same difference as that between Gérémy Crédeville and me, that is to say that it looks like there is one of the two who has not eaten since 11 days. Well before with this charger, when you wanted to charge your phone, well you had to plan it in your schedule. I have already heard discussions that began with “what are you doing on Tuesday afternoon Christophe? Are we going to a bar to drink beers? “. No I can’t Leïla, I’m charging my iPhone.

It’s a bit of a religion for some people to consume products labeled Apple. So this week I wanted to live the experience, I went on a pilgrimage to an Apple store, since I had been told that it was extraordinary. And it’s true that indeed, I had never seen cables at 65 euros. At first I was wrong, I thought it was Chanel necklaces. I said to myself “but I’m going to give this to a woman to put around her neck”.

But all that, it still made me realize that we had been a little taken in by the ease of technology.

There for professional reasons I installed Tiktok. Do you know Tiktok? Nagui that too you bought back this summer. It’s an app that teaches you very quickly how to waste time. If one day by chance you have too much time in a day and you don’t know what to do with it, don’t hesitate to download Tiktok.

The rest to listen to and find on video!

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