in 1000 years, the human should look like Mindy

To develop this robot portrait, the company compiled several scientific researches, expert opinions, and then used a 3D designer. “The body has changed physically due to the constant use of smartphones, laptops and other technologies”, detailed this telecommunications company in a press release relayed by “It interests me”.

Indeed, the intensive use of new technologies will not be without physical and motor consequences. “Sitting in front of the computer in the office for hours also means your torso is pulled in front of your hips rather than stacked straight and aligned,” points out Caleb Backe, health and wellness expert who collaborated with Toll Free Forwarding.

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Can the smartphone make us stupid?

Teachers and parents have noticed it for a long time: young people are less and less attentive. Is it the smartphone’s fault? Yes ! A recent study of teenagers confirms that the more time they spend on their mobile, the more difficulty they have concentrating. Which logically can harm learning: how to remember a lesson if you are not really present at the time of the course?

Humans of the future may develop a larger inner eyelid to protect against excessive light exposure from screens

One elbow bent at 90°

Another body modification linked to our addiction to smartphones: the humans of the future could also have an elbow permanently bent at 90°.

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