In Castelnau-le-Lez, the Simax company, created in 2006, is a pioneer in No-Code technology

Founded in 2006 by Miren Lafourcade and Jérôme Olivares, this innovative company offers new management solutions to its clients. It is being developed in France, but also in North America and Africa.

Rue Romani, in the heart of the Sablas district of Castelnau-le-Lez, is impressively quiet during the hours of the day. A stone’s throw from a small car park and a tram station, these surroundings are particularly attractive. It welcomes not only privileged Castelnauviens, but a pioneering community.

Behind the walls of a residential building, Miren Lafourcade and Jérôme Olivares have created the Simax company: “We want our employees to be at work as they are at home. That’s why we provide them with a kitchen, a shower and a swimming pool where we can organize barbecues in the summer.”says Miren Lafourcade, General Manager.

An administration software with great flexibility

This leadership is accompanied by real financial success. Simax was founded in 2006 and has gone from pioneer to world leader in No Code ERP-CRM: “No-Code means no coding, no programming. This technology offers management solutions to companies that use a system similar to management software that is very easy to change and has great flexibility. It allows companies to digitize at a lower cost and adapt quickly if necessary. During the Covid years we were able to measure how responsiveness is a factor in resilience”.

The No-Code technology seduces. For 16 years it has been used by large groups such as BpiFRance, Pierre Fabre laboratories, the Terrana group or the Chêne Vert group: “With Simax Starter, we also equip smaller companies”says Miren Lafourcade.

The Simax software was born on his initiative: “Computer engineer, I had my first job at the local company PC Soft. I saw that the most interesting thing was what we could do without programming. I then asked the question Would it not be possible to do everything without programming? Everyone said no except my future partner. He assured that it was possible, provided that the software was very intelligent and that it had artificial intelligence. That’s how our activity started.”explains Miren Lafourcade.

Business leaders very attached to the region

Sixteen years later and a prize won in a competition from the Ministry of Research, Miren Lafourcade and Jérôme Olivares have 25 employees in France and 49 worldwide. A dozen of them work at the head office in Castelnau-le-Lez: “We are very attached to the region, which is an interesting breeding ground for technology companies. We are happy there and we want to stay there as long as possible.”

With Simax, Castelnau-le-Lez has a real nugget.

An ambitious recruitment policy

The forecasts from the various specialists regarding the medium-term development of no-code technology leave no doubt about its future. “It will represent 70% in 2025”, says Miren Lafourcade. These statistics open up very interesting perspectives for the managers of the Simax company: “We are driven by very strong growth and we are looking for new partners to convey our knowledge to the whole world. We are also considering a capital expansion”, emphasizes Miren Lafourcade. At the same time, the CEO announced an ambitious employment policy: “We recruit with a vengeance”, she says. It does not exclude any profile: “For example, we are not into youth. We have just hired our 55-year-old marketing director.“.

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