In the US, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the future of finance, according to this report

The different political sides are rarely in agreement, whatever the subject. However, to United Statesa subject brings them together, that of cryptocurrencies.

Democrats, Republicans, same vision: Bitcoin is the future!

In the USA, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, the long-term vision is the same: cryptocurrencies are the future of finance.

This is, in fact, demonstrated by a study carried out at national level by Grayscale Investments.
The world’s largest digital currency fund manager wanted to know more about how Americans view the future of cryptocurrencies.

The study, made on 2029 people in total, was conducted by The Harris Polls, a company specializing in market research. Can we really say that a sample of only 2029 people is representative of the real vision of 332 million Americans ? Probably not. But it is the very principle of polls, to extrapolate from a very small sample of respondents who are “supposed” to represent the population.

Looking at the results in detail, more than half (53%) of respondents agree that cryptocurrencies are the future of finance. If we analyze further, 59% of Democrats respondents approve of this vision of the future, as well as 52% of Republicans.
It therefore seems clear that, whatever the political side, the opinion is divided.
It should also be noted that 44% of the people depicted expect to have cryptocurrency in their investment portfolio in the future. Unfortunately, the study does not indicate how many already have them today. But for 25% of them, inflation, the current political and economic climate make them take a closer look at cryptocurrencies.

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A need for protection, more than regulation

39% of respondents consider that the regulations in the United States lags behind other countries in creating a regulatory environment to allow buying and trading cryptocurrencies safely and easily.

88% of Democrats, and 77% of Republicans believe that there should be clearer regulations. And more than 80% on both sides agree on the fact that this regulation must be centered on the protection of the American consumer. For Grayscale, this vision involves empowering consumers, not the government, to decide how and when to invest in crypto.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies will go through their democratization, and through the possibility for individuals to buy and sell their assets. in a simple way, and above all secure. If the different American political sides agree on this point, this could once again reinforce the dominance of the United States in the technical and computer world.

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