Influenza and Covid-19: New tests can detect both viruses at the same time

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Influenza tests, which have been around for several years, have been combined with antigen tests for Covid-19 to be able to test patients at once.

New antigenic tests now make it possible to check whether the tested persons are not only infected by Covid, but also by influenza. What facilitates diagnoses in this period characterized by several epidemics.

As the honorary president of the Federation of Doctors of France Jean-Paul Hamon explains to our colleagues Sunday newspaper“this is real progress[…]This makes it possible to prescribe less antibiotics and justify it to the patient. It is an excellent tool for therapeutic education”.

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An innovation at the end of the year

Several companies have just started their marketing, such as Toda Pharma according to France 3. This Strasbourg-based company has designed a test based on the same principle as antigens, with the result obtained in 15 minutes with a reliability rate that fluctuates between 96 and 99% . “A single long swab in the nose is enough to detect the two pathologies”, sums up the company’s communications manager Sébastien Spiss. However, these tests are still a novelty and difficult to access, usually reserved at the moment for healthcare professionals and with no option to purchase them as an individual.

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A test to detect Covid, influenza and even RSV, the virus that causes bronchiolitis, developed by the company AAZ, is also in the testing phase.

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